R.I.P. VIII – Book 1

For my first Readers Imbibing Peril http://www.stainlesssteeldroppings.com/r-eaders-i-mbibing-p-eril-viii book, I revisited Shirley Jackson’s We Have Always Lived in the Castle, a book I picked up the first time in junior high, I think, not my usual sort of thing at all, then or now.  A bad choice because I couldn’t stop reading it and was up until almost 4 finishing it.   Now I’ve started The Haunting of Hill House, but I’m not going to read it at bedtime.

Castle is exactly the sort of story I hate.  Small-minded, small town people tormenting others because they don’t fit in.  And yet, for some reason, I just kept on reading and I’d have to say, enjoyed it.   I had forgotten most of it.   This is the cover I remember:


I sometimes have difficulty suspending my disbelief and the fact that they get no mail was a problem for me.   They seemed to have all their utilities running, but no means of paying for them.   Now, I realize we aren’t meant to take this story literally and I’m sure there are many other problems with what’s left of the family living as they do, but I think this bugs me because it would have been so easy to fix.  But if you can look past that, an eminently readable book.  Try not to lose too much sleep over it.