R.I.P. VIII – Haunting of Lamb House

My 3rd book in the Readers Imbibing Peril challenge was The Haunting of Lamb House by Joan Aiken.   The story of Toby Lamb and his sister Alice, the difficulties they suffered and ghosts.   Years later, the house is lived in by Henry James and E.F. Benson, both writers of ghost stories and influenced by the ghosts in the house.   The first half of the book tells Toby and Alice’s story through Toby’s eyes.  The next section is written in somewhat Jamesian prose and tells of James’ years in Lamb House and the influence the house had on his life.  In the final section, things get more exciting with far more in the way of ghostly manifestations, but that’s only in the last 30 pages.   Not sure I really recommend this book, though it is pretty short.  


I have found another challenge I think I can manage:  5 books by different authors from 5 different European sovereign states by the end of next January.    That’s only 1 a month.   I should be able to manage that.


Especially as my next book for RIP VIII is set in Spain.


Also there’s a read-along of Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy with a plan to read about 100-140 pages a month, which also seems do-able.






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