Love in a Cold Climate

I enjoyed this though not quite as much as The Pursuit of Love.   Fanny is again the narrator and you follow her story and that of Polly Hampton.   The Hamptons are not quite as amusing as the Radletts, who make occasional appearances throughout, until Cedric arrives and transforms everyone.   He is rather a stereotype, but a lively one.   To be read for the wit and charm, rather than for anything one might feel for the characters or the plot.

Last week I read By the Pricking of My Thumbs, a late Tommy and Tuppence mystery.   I’ve always liked Tommy and Tuppence as characters even though the plots of their books usually include spies and criminal gangs which were always a weakness of Christie’s.   She could really nail a story about a small group of characters with their various desires and jealousies, but is vague in the extreme when it comes to organized crime.   The book is interesting at first because of the uncertainty there has been a crime committed and if so, what it is.   Tuppence in this case goes off on her own instincts to find out.   These keen instincts utterly fail her at critical moments which enables the plot to come to its exciting if dubious conclusion.   Still, I enjoyed the book.


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