Dewey’s 24 hour Readathon Twelfth Hour

Hard to believe it’s almost half over.   It’s been much easier than I expected to spend most of the day reading.   I haven’t done this since probably college and I doubt I read this much on any given day even then.  I’m a slow reader so only 60 pages covered of Aunt Dimity’s Death, but so far I’m enjoying it.   Another fantasy really.   Poor girl meets unrealistically charming lawyers who offer her short-term a bottomless expense account and very nice fee to write the introduction to a book of children’s stories.   (Hope that isn’t giving away too much.)  Aunt Dimity was, as far as she knew, a character in childhood stories her mother told her.   Lori learns that she was a real person who offers this temporary job and has a mystery to solve to boot.  Full of clichés, but well-enough written that I don’t mind.  Beating the pants off Agatha Raisin so far.

Having some hummus while a potato bakes.   I had given myself permission to gorge, but so far have not.   That will probably happen later when I’m bleary in the early morning hours.


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