Dewey’s 24 hour Readathon Hour 19

I did finish Aunt Dimity’s Death and I will take another book with me as I crawl into bed, but I don’t expect to get very far with it 🙂

Aunt Dimity’s Death was a highly romantic and completely improbable, but sweet tale.   I’ll probably read the next one.   This one did not read like the beginning of a series, but I guess if a thing is popular enough, one can usually find a way.

Thanks to the cheerleaders who visited me!  And all the good advice from various blogging readathoners.   I enjoyed it and finished two books, which is a record for me.   Never read so much in me life and it wasn’t hard.   If I didn’t need to be somewhere in 10 hours, I might have kept going although probably at an ever slowing rate!  I’ll try to do it again in April, assuming the rest of you do, too!


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