Lonesome Road

An early Miss Silver mystery, Lonesome Road is the story of Miss Rachel Treherne who’s beset by greedy relatives – one of whom wants to hurry her to the grave.  A romantic tale, rather old-fashioned with its women characters being more the fainting type than the spunky type, but I do enjoy Miss Silver’s explanation at the end.   There’s at least one ‘I should have thought of that’ moments and the reasoning is sound.

It may be a while before I post again as I’ve started both The Luminaries and Buddenbrooks.   I couldn’t talk myself out of either one and they’re a combined 1500 pages or so.   Maybe I’ll slip in a mystery or finish up something I started a while ago just so it’s not a full year without a post.  

And there’s this temptress suggesting that November is the perfect time to read The Moonstone.   She could be right.


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