Towards Zero

So, I wasn’t going to post for a while because I’m hacking away at The Luminaries, but two things happened.   First, I slipped an Agatha Christie in there – Towards Zero which features Inspector Battle rather than Poirot or Marple.   A good one, not one of the greatest, but a good, solid mystery with a conclusion I didn’t guess although I had worked out some of the clues, I just didn’t add them up properly.   One aspect of the plot seemed very familiar, but I can’t remember where else I read that so I don’t know if she’s repeating herself or someone else thought up the same thing.

The second was a challenge posed by Roof Beam Reader.   Ulysses Readalong – definitely a book that can use some company, but I’ve just read the Moonstone and am reading The Luminaries.   I had thought to read some short, modern works to get my count up a bit, not another giant tome.   Plus he’s only giving us 3 weeks.   3 weeks!   Not even a month!   40 pages a day of Ulysses doable?  Nope.   But startable.   And maybe once started, I will go on and finish.  I’ve had a copy forever.   And I might even know where it is.   I guess I have some time to think about it as we’re not supposed to start until the 15th.   Which is good, because I might be able to finish The Luminaries by then.


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