Ulysses Day 5

I found this poor guy’s blog – wrote for 4 years on how he was going to read Ulysses and he did a lot, but apparently never made it through.  Or else got so swept up in it on his last post he never needed to blog again.


So, far, it has not been so bad.  I’m even actually enjoying some of it.   Chapter 3 is a bit tough.  But then you go on to Bloom eating breakfast and for some reason I cannot fathom, that’s entertaining.   The sheer enjoyment of it, perhaps.  I am a little worried it will bog down and I’ll become enmired in some future book, but shouldn’t worry until it happens, should I?   I’m only up to part 7.   I don’t think I can do 23 pages a day.   I also became worried that the cheap-ass e-version I bought didn’t have all the words and, aside from spot-checking, there’s really no way to tell.    It’s a long damn book whether it’s abridged or not.   I became worried about this because another cheap version is apparently missing stuff.   It would be very easy to do and not be able to tell in some parts.   I do have a Gabler print edition, but don’t want to lug it around if I can help it.

At any rate, sofarsogood and hope the other six people in the world doing this are enjoying it. Last night I got to a bit which cracked me up – Bloom and the others at Dignam’s funeral, in the cemetery, Bloom thinking about the resurrection of the body:

Get up! Last day! Then every fellow mousing around for his liver and his lights and the rest of his traps. Find damn all of himself that morning.


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