Maigret and the Man in the Boulevard

First book of the year was an author I’ve meant to read for a long time – Georges Simenon was one of those madly prolific writers so I thought if I like him, I’m set for a while, but while I enjoyed the book for the most part, I’m not rushing to start the next.  I don’t mind police procedurals, but I do think the suspect ought to be introduced before the last chapter as rather an afterthought.   This is not a mystery you can guess.  In fact, the real mystery is how the victim lived and that part is interesting.   It almost qualifies as a mystery in which murder is not the main crime, but not quite.   

This books counts for 2013 European Reading Challenge as Simenon was Belgian and the book is set in France.

It also counts for Golden Mystery Bingo, but I don’t know which slot to pick yet.

It is also the first of 52


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