Bout of Books Tuesday

Better in some ways.   Started Eugene Onegin and got about 30 pages done.   It is pretty lively and amusing, but then that’s what I thought about Ulysses at first.  Now I’m trying to slog through the Cyclops section with a nameless narrator and miles of mock epic prose some of which is amusing, but it just goes on too long.   Can’t imagine anyone reading 150 pages of this in a day and actually taking any of it in.

So then I made the mistake of opening Patricia Wentworth’s The Case is Closed.   36 pages of that done and finally 11 pages of Everybody.   Why is it so much easier to read mysteries than non-fiction?  Even though the non-fiction is well-written and interesting?   So that’s about 77 pages, but only some of which should have been read.

And now there’s a Bleak House readalong in February to tempt me.  990 pages!   Only 28 days in February.  Still, I’ve wanted to read it a long time.  That will probably set the whole 52 books thing back more than a bit.



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