The Body in the Library

Once again I have shirked my greater reading responsibilities (though not completely) and read another cozy mystery.  Ms. Agatha Christie was really very good at these.   Body in the Library dates back to 1942 and is an early Miss Marple.  I think her second full-length story.   And I did not guess at all.   Once again though I was asking some of the right questions.  (‘Why did they do that?’ I thought.  ‘They didn’t need to.’  But they did, which was a critical point.)   In the end it all falls into place.

I also enjoyed this episode of Marple.  Damn, that show’s uneven.  They stuck very close to the book until the end and I liked what they did differently.  Plus I love Joanna Lumley.  I could watch her in just about anything.  And the clothes were great, the scenes were well done.  Even in the worst episodes (Sittaford Mystery, anyone?) I love seeing old favorite actors, but when they get it right it’s so much better.  

2 thoughts on “The Body in the Library”

    1. I’m not sure either. I’m watching them as I read them and I hadn’t realized for awhile that they were fiming non-Marple books with Maple inserted. Body in the Library is first season as is Murder at the Vicarage which was good, too.

      By the Pricking of My Thumbs and Sittaford Mystery are both second season and dreadful. Towards Zero though is third season and was fine. Maybe it’s that second season which was problematic. Or certain directors? Clearly more research is required.

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