Eugene Offegin Chapters 5 & 6 (spoilers)

I was finding the story flagging a bit as it seemed to be she loves him for no good reason and he don’t love her.   Not terribly interesting to me.   But then, she had the awesome dream and it really was.  The early 19th century Russian equivalent of the Star Wars cantina in a dream.   And then he has to spoil it all by being a total jerk to his friend and monopolizing his girl.  Tatyana should shoot him.   It’s one thing not to return someone’s affections and quite another to repeatedly dance with their sister on their birthday.   Clueless sister Olga dances the night away with Eugene oblivious to the fact she’s offended her own boyfriend and tortured her sister.   And then we have the pointless waste of a duel.   Has old Eugene never heard of shooting in the air or over their head or something?   Stupidity all around.   The only thing for Eugene to do at this point is join a monastery and repent for the rest of his days.   Jerk.


This is part of the Eugene Onegin readalong sponsored by Tanglewood


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