Bleak House Readalong Part the Second

I managed to keep up with the reading of Chapters 12 – 21 this week, but Sochi’s really been eating into my reading time.  I’m not much of a sports fan generally, but I do watch the Olympics and am astonished by what those people can do.   Just looking at that ski run is terrifying to me.   But that’s not what you’re here to read about.

Bleak House continues introducing a cast of thousands and now indicating a preposterous number of ties between them, but he gets away with it because… Dickens.    Little Charlie is keeping house for Smallweed’s miserly family.   Anyone feel a robbery coming on?   And Mrs Chadband, wife of the oily preacher who has enchanted Mrs. Snagsby, was the evil housekeeper Esther thought would like her if only she were a better person.   I think we’ve also been given GIANT FLASHING clues as to Miss Summerson’s parentage.   How long before dear Rick takes to drink?   Jarndyce and Jarndyce has him in its grip and it never lets go.   The creepy French maid whose up to no good.   And is Tulkinghorn a good witch or a bad witch?  Whose side is he on?  Dickens has outdone himself with the parade of eccentric characters.

I hope I can keep up with the reading as it is definitely more fun to be reading along with other people, especially as lively and funny a group as this.   With a snow day and a holiday, this week should be doable, but I really am godawful slow with Dickens.   Almost as slow as Ulysses.


I seem to be the only one who feels sorry for Guppy.   It’s true he shouldn’t go all stalkery, but his name is Guppy.  By definition harmless.

I also don’t think the League of Unsavory Gentlemen is up to no good.    Though Smallweed’s family gave me qualms.   Smallweed himself seems not up to much and Jobling/Weevle seemed all right too.  Maybe I’m wrong, but Dickens tends to telegraph everything.


2 thoughts on “Bleak House Readalong Part the Second”

  1. “but he gets away with it because… Dickens.” What DOESN’T this apply to? The man knows what he’s doing.

    I STILL contend that Guppy has Big Plans of an evil nature. And that Smallweed is perhaps involved somehow, if only because he’s decided to model his life on Guppy in every respect. But I don’t think Jobling is in on it, whatever IT is. WE SHALL SEE.

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