Tragically we Bleakalong Chapters 22-32

This is written  a day early, but I got to chapter 32 and if you’ve done the same, understand why I can’t stop THERE!   The ending of chapter 31 was bad enough.  Really, Jo, you had to walk how many miles just to give our heroes the plague?!  [About 21 miles from Lincoln’s Inn to Folly Ln, St. Alban’s]  And where the heck did he go?  Has he been kidnapped by La Dedlock?   Or perhaps the mysterious fruitcakey French maid?   Though she was in town last we saw.   Perhaps Mrs. Snagsby…  but no.   We know she’s following her husband around like a stalker and apparently very good at it.

We now know why the Opium Eater had no personal effects.   Never trust a landlord named Krook.   A pity he hadn’t hidden them in some secret hidey-hole in the room for Jobling to stumble upon.   It seems fairly likely the letters went up in smoke with the landlord.   And what will happen to Miss Flite now?   Why didn’t the whole place go up in flames chock full as it is with papers and hair and such?    But he wrote it so well.   The soot…  the smell… the… ick.

And poor Esther.   Thank goodness she has a rich guardian.   Boy, Ada’s just a whole lotta nothin’, ain’t she?   If you’ve got nothing but looks, being a character in a novel doesn’t do much good.   And dammit.  I thought we’d got rid of Skimpole.   Surely by the end even Jarndyce will kick him to the curb.  Hopefully, Richard will learn a thing or two before we see him again.   Nothing too drastic.  Just cut the Skimpole out of his character.

So, Mama Dedlock and Captain Hawdon had a little Esther without getting properly hitched.  Hawdon seems to have had pretty serious problems dating way back, but I’m sure we’ll find out how it’s not his fault.   Poor dedicated Guppy, what will he say to lady D?   And I had been rooting for Woodstock to come back and make a match of it, but I can’t stand to give satisfaction to his awful mother who thinks Esther isn’t good enough, but will if she learns she’s Lady Dedlock’s daughter, I presume.    I shouldn’t blame Woodstock for his awful mother, but he did suggest she contact them and he must have known what she’s like.

3 thoughts on “Tragically we Bleakalong Chapters 22-32”

  1. That scene, the pre-combustion scene, is the creepiest. They just keep chatting shady chats and stopping to be like, What is this disagreeable substance, and you’re like, I don’t know but I am UNCOMFORTABLE WITH IT.

  2. Haha Right. Krook. With the name.

    “If you’ve got nothing but looks, being a character in a novel doesn’t do much good.”

    RIGHT. And that’s all that’s mentioned about her and about why Esther loves her. What on earth, Dickens. What’s your deal.

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