Evil Under the Sun

I just can’t get enough Christie.   I read something else and then I miss Hercule.   This was written in 1941 and in addition to the David Suchet version there’s a 1982 Peter Ustinov version.   I cannot buy Ustinov as Poirot, but it also has Maggie Smith and Diana Rigg in it, so I’m curious.  


From their descriptions they’ve both added drama to the book.   In the Suchet one he’s recovering from a collapse and in the Ustinov one there’s a diamond theft added and the victim is on her honeymoon on a tropical island.   Not just at a nice hotel near Dartmoor.   But enough about things I haven’t seen yet.   The book is good.   Solidly in the ranks of good, but not brilliant Christie.   There don’t seem to be as many suspects as usual, but a wider array of motives.   

The mystery takes place somewhere on a little island off the coast of England not far from Dartmoor.   Various people are taking their holidays at this hotel including a former actress, her husband, his daughter and his childhood friend, another two couples, a vicar and a businessman.   The former actress goes and gets herself murdered and the best suspects have pretty solid alibis.   There are a lot of extraneous clues floating around, but which are relevant and which are red herrings?

I have now been book blogging for six months and enjoying it a lot.   It has gotten me reading things I meant to, but never got around to in addition to all the mysteries.   The challenges and readalongs hosted by various book bloggers has been great.  In the past six months I’ve read The Moonstone, The Great Gatsby, A Moveable Feast, Graham Greene, Evelyn Waugh, Alexander Pushkin, and will soon finish Bleak House, which I’m enjoying quite a bit.   I have found a good many bloggers I enjoy reading, too, even if I don’t have the same taste, I enjoy what they have to say.   The only problem has been that there are a whole bunch of blogs I can’t comment on.   I don’t know why, but when someone I’ve been reading for weeks or months goes gets sick or has a crisis or loses a pet or a loved one or just says something that strikes me as funny or true, I’d really like to be able to say I’m sorry you’re going through that, get well, or thanks.    I love that there are people out there telling me I should read Bleak House or the Moonstone or Graham Greene or John Dickson Carr and not just the latest sparkling vampire or zombie series.   If I read you, and you are aware of that (though since I can’t comment you might not be), please know that you have my sympathy in your troubles and my gratitude for your blogging.


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