Green for Danger – The Movie (1946)


What a great design

I just watched this having read the book last month and this doesn’t often happen, but the movie’s much better.      For one thing, the plot is though largely the same, somewhat improved in the movie:  Higgins, the local postman, is wheeled in after a bomb has gone off with a broken leg.    He’s operated on the next morning, should be no big deal, but he dies on the operating table almost immediately.   There are only 7 people in the book who knew he was even there, which is down to 6 in the movie.   Then at a party one of the nurses announces to all and sundry that it wasn’t an accident, it was murder, she knows who did it and she has the evidence to prove it.   She goes off alone to go get this evidence and promptly becomes the next victim.

For another, it has the brilliant Alastair Sim, who adds a bit of humor which is completely lacking in the book.   I’m wondering if those lines were written for him or if he added a few.

 Dr White: I do hope everything can be arranged discretely. 
Inspector Cockrill: Umm, shouldn’t think so for a moment. 
Dr White: Why not? Press? Do they have to be seen? 
Inspector Cockrill: Can’t keep ’em out. 
Dr. White: Oh, dear. 
Inspector Cockrill: I don’t mind; they always give me a good write-up.


He is wonderful.   The only one having a good time.   Not entirely true, Leo Genn seems to be enjoying it, too, but Sim has all the best lines.

So, if you like old movies, I strongly recommend it.  Sim is a treat to watch and the story is only improved by the streamlining it underwent transferring it to the screen.