Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon

It’s coming!   That moment some of you have been waiting for.   And I.  I have been waiting for this moment since last October when I did my first marathon.   Only this time Sunday is cleared, too, so sleeping may take place.   Whether I can stay up until 8 AM Sunday, I doubt, but if I can, then sleeping can follow.


I haven’t decided what to read yet, or what to eat, but I am thinking long and hard about these important matters.   I still have all my holiday books which I didn’t read because I read Swann.   Christie, Wentworth, Sayers, Wodehouse.   Light and short.   But then, maybe I should throw a short classic in there.   Maybe a Sherlock Holmes or Poe or…   the possibilities are scarily near infinite.   Last year I read the Ocean at the End of the Lane which was very good.   It would be nice to have something like that in the mix.

In a way it doesn’t matter what I think now.   I’m a creature of moods and will read whatever I feel like when the time comes, though I also know there are books in the world I would enjoy more than all the others, but how to find them is the question.


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