Dewey’s Readathon Hour 6 to Hour 10

In the middle of the sixth hour I made it home and started The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.   Unfortunately, it’s an e-book without page numbers so all I know is I’m 5% through it.   It’s off to a very good start.  I hope to settle in and read much more for the rest of the ‘thon.  I should probably move away from the computer.


It is now the end of the 8th hour.  4 PM here.   And I’m having a tea break after being interrupted by the phone ringing.   I was unable to haul myself from the depths of the couch in time to answer it.  Oh, well.   GLPPP Society is very interesting.   Entirely written in correspondence, which you could do in England, here letters take days, you couldn’t invite anyone to the opera for that evening and have a hope of meeting them.   It takes place just after WWII and starts off with a young author whose cheerful, stiff-upper-lip columns from wartime have been gathered into a successful book on a book tour.   She is contacted by a member of the Society hoping to get a second book of Lamb’s Essays (which makes me want to read Lamb’s Essays) and starts a correspondence first with him and then with further members of the Society.   I had no idea Guernsey was occupied during the war.   Apparently completely unprotected, they fell under German control in 1940.

Now I’ve got my tea and eaten a slice of chocolate babka, I shall get back to reading.


I’m a little early for the tenth hour report, but I’m afraid nappage must take place if I’m to make it to the night let alone through the night.   I’m still reading my first book and I might be the slowest reader ever, but what can you do?   It’s a little bit hard to believe as all the Society members appear to have found their perfect book and stuck with it through thick and thin, though it does make me want to read Seneca, though maybe not Carlyle.  Admittedly they are all Great Books which have seen many people through hard times before, so I guess it’s possible.   Just seems a bit convenient.

It’s also a bit depressing with the war and all.   The Nazis sucked just as much on Guernsey as they did everywhere else.  Though there are uplifting scenes, too.


6 thoughts on “Dewey’s Readathon Hour 6 to Hour 10”

    1. I am. Recommend it so far, though I’m not finished and I suppose it could go south at the end. But I heard so many good things about it that I doubt that.

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