Late Post for Lady Audley’s Super-Secret Readalong

Hosted by Alice of  [Thanks, Alice!], we are reading Lady Audley’s Secret by Mary Braddon, one of your less terrible sensational fiction novels from the Victorian era.  Every Thursday we’re supposed to post and these posts will be full of spoilers.   Not so much this one as we’re only 4 chapters in.  And really, I have nothing to add to ‘s first post.   Lucy’s head falling off would have been hilarious!   Sadly, it didn’t.   I read this ages ago, but have forgotten the whole thing except for a vague recollection that her husband was rather decent for a Victorian bloke.   Poor Lady A has chosen the Wrong Personal Maid.   I didn’t remember this being so chock full of coincidences, but then I may have read it after The Mysteries of Udolpho and anything will seem like genius after that.   

Coincidences:  The one time Lady A forgets her keys, her maid happens to be showing her private things to her cousin.   Who if it weren’t for Phoebe would soon be hung for stealing a bracelet.   You clot!   The housekeeper knows you were there.   It wouldn’t take even the lamest detective a second and a half to pin the crime on you.

George meets his old friend Robert, which would be fine, but then he also sees the obituary of his wife in a newspaper that happens to be in the tavern they stop in.   She died on the 24th inst. which I can never remember what that means, but less than a month ago, I believe.   Depends on what day it is.   So if Lucy is really Mrs. George who’s the obit for?   Maybe, hopefully it’s not so simple as Lucy is George’s wife.   Which is really not much of a plot if you guess it in the first 3 chapters.    Okay, you’ll say, I read this before and subconsciously remember, except that it’s completely telegraphed in these first couple chapters.   George is also a clot, but a more likeable one.    It really never occurred to you, George, that something might happen to your wife while you’re gone?   Dope.

Did it take until the 20th century for people to decide marrying your first cousin isn’t a good idea?

I do love readalongs.   Especially with funny people.