Second Late Post for Lady Audley’s Super Secret Readalong

Chapters 5 – 9

Though I admit, I couldn’t stop reading when George disappeared.   Wow, I don’t remember Lady Audley being such a…   ninny?   stone cold bitch?   baby?    all of the above.   Robert now has purpose in his life.   He likes someone!   And they’ve gone missing.   It’s hard to imagine little fluffy Lucy managing to kill George.   How would this go?   Oh, George, I dropped my reticule down this abandoned well, can you see it in there?   Physically, she’d need both the element of surprise and for George to conveniently die in some place where he wouldn’t be found, because I doubt she could lift him bodily.   Poor George.   He was kind of a dope, but not a bad guy.   Of course, he might not be dead.   So far he’s just missing under suspicious circumstances.

We know he looked long and hard at that picture of Lady Audley.   A circumstance which struck his friend not at all.   And then behaved oddly.   His being afraid of lightning is the daftest theory and I’m supposed to think that Robert has unguessed at ability in the law?   Rot.    Definitely looks very much like Lady A somehow got some dying chick or something to pretend to be her and then ran off to be a governess leaving her kid with her father.   Her personality is bizarre.   If this is true, she clearly has no maternal feelings at all and her only reaction to George’s return is not to be seen so she can continue to have all the STUFF.   Admittedly it’s nice stuff.   I’m not sure I’ll be able to not read ahead.  Probably everyone else already has.

My theory on the dead wife is now 1) find dying, poor woman who looks like you, 2) pay her to go to Ventnor with your dad and kid and let the inevitable happen, 3) you’re free!   free!!    Lucy is obviously a good deal more clever than we would have thought before the fake telegram.   Why hasn’t she noticed the missing baby shoe?   People who hide things tend to check on them.    I bet she has and she’s using Phoebe’s lack of character to further her own ends.   Phoebe is out of her depth.   Why wouldn’t she have just become a governess under her own name?   Nothing wrong with doing that.   Because, thinks I, she always meant to abandon them.   She’s not a nice person.   I’m thinking sociopathic.

Oh, and I’m thinking George didn’t say anything about the painting because it was a painting and many people look similar and he wanted to be SURE.   Also, maybe try to think about what he would do if it were his wife.   Because she was obviously not, oh, bye, Sir Michael, my first husband is alive after all and I must return to him.   George is not overly bright, but even he can see there’s something weird going on.   She didn’t just remarry.   If it’s really her, she changed her name, faked her own death and remarried.   This is a big ol’ can of worms and while he should have said something to Robert, I think this is why he didn’t.



4 thoughts on “Second Late Post for Lady Audley’s Super Secret Readalong”

    1. I think she has and like the conniving sociopath she is, she’s keeping it to herself and going to use it later somehow. She’s way more clever than I expected.

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