Clouds of Witness

Since I can’t spend all my time on Lady Audley or I’ll get ahead of everyone, I’m also reading other things.   One of the things was Dorothy L. Sayers’ Clouds of Witness, the second Lord Peter Wimsey mystery.   This time the mystery is closer to home as his brother has been arrested for the murder of his sister’s fiance.  He doesn’t let the personal nature of the mystery stifle his usual merry rambling on.  Lord Peter has been having a break in Greece or somewhere, but is on his way home when he gets the news of his brother.   Inspector Parker is already on the scene and together they track obliging sets of footprints all over the estate, track down their owners, sort out all the false statements and their are masses of them as everyone seems to be protecting somebody else.    


I enjoyed this a lot until the end when it got strangely repetitive.   Admittedly in a court case you want to make sure the jury understands your point of view, but it all seems pretty clear when they dig up the last of the evidence, there’s no real need to go through it twice.   Perhaps the book wasn’t long enough.   But otherwise, as I said, I enjoyed it and was eager to follow Lord Peter on the trail.    I suspect I should not read these sorts of books — they make me dissatisfied with my own life as I have no one waking me with coffee in bed, running my bath, etc.    Even if I had the money, I doubt I could find someone like Bunter.   


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