Lady Audley’s Seekrit Readalong Pt 3 and Bout of Books Pt Weds.

So, last week I was so grippéd by George’s disappearance I kept reading.   Poor George.  What an unnatural child.  Must take after his mother.   After all that time — a year is a long time to a kid — to still call him the big gentleman is very sad.   Though to be fair Robert seems a more natural father than George.   Georgey and Grandpa seem hard up, which shouldn’t really be if they’re being supported by George and Lady A.   Then again they might both be lousy about sending regular funds.   But then the old man drinks and probably gambles.   He cheated the young couple out of almost their last funds when they moved in with him.  Who says Lady A gave the watch?   Just the sort of thing she would do and not make sure they had, oh, say, food and clothing.

When you commit some sort of fraud, make sure to thoroughly burn all telegraphic messages with instructions for same.   Do not leave them lying around for inquisitive people to find.

Robert’s dreams are far more accurate than mine ever are.   Oh, right.   Fiction.

Who knocked at his door?   

I am very glad he is taking this seriously in his casual way.   He will, I’m sure, eventually uncover what happened to George.   

So, why doesn’t Lady A teach Phoebe how to get rid of unwanted husbands?    She seems an apt pupil, eager to learn.

Lady A hates the dog.   And October.   How the hell did Phoebe learn enough French to read novels?

But ooh, Phoebe told Lunkhead, Lady A’s seekrit.   I did not expect him to see the light of another day, but apparently Lady A is getting feeble in her old age (23?) and just pays off the blackmailer.   

Poor Alicia.   Find someone else.   I like Robert, but really, he’s not the one for you.  And definitely Lady A is losing her touch.   The woman who when almost faced with her ex-husband wriggles out of it and coolly sends herself a telegram calling her away, faints at the mere description of the gallows.    Toughen up, Lady A, you’ve got another 200 pages to survive.  



Bout of Books Wednesday

Not impressive.   20 pages Lady Audley.  20 pages of Sense and Sensibility

Total 138 pages

But at least I am enjoying Sense and Sensibility which I didn’t for the first 28 chapters.   Not sure why exactly.   The characters I guess seemed a bit like an exercise in the Feeling Woman vs. the Thinking Woman, but now they’ve both had boyfriend trouble, it’s a lot more interesting.   A pity they can’t seem to find anyone worth knowing aside from Col Brandon.   Whether they’re nice or terse, they keep spending time with shallow, uninteresting folks.   It’s a bit odd.    But then it’s hard to meet people in the country especially if you don’t have a coach.  



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