Moby Dick Slowest Readalong Ever

Actually, this is more of a read-behind for me.   I was supposed to have finished through c. 38 something like three weeks ago.  But I got distracted by Wittgensteins and then coffins and I don’t know what all.   Crushing electronic candies may also have been a problem.  So not much reading has taken place.   I hope to reform.

Oddly enough I was in Vancouver reading Moby Dick when in the text was a mention of Vancouver the Explorer.   In another meaningless coincidence, I saw a white whale while there.   A Beluga, not a sperm whale.  





So in this second part, we finally get to sea, we meet Ahab and we learn about his obsession with the white whale.   Which we knew already.   Because you pick that up just living in society.  It is definitely not as amusing as it was.  Wry observations from Ishmael are few and far between.    Personally I cannot fathom going around the world in a ship like they sailed in then, let alone tracking a single whale.   Does anyone know if they hang out in the same place year in, year out?   If they don’t, the odds of finding him are astronomically bad.   Of course, it is a novel, so he’s gotta find him, but it does seem a ridiculous premise.   Even as big a critter as a whale is a teeny, tiny speck in the broad and vasty deep.

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