Charters & Caldicott Part 2 or Bout of Books 11 Day 1

I have been reading the book version of Charters & Caldicott which was based on the mystery series and not the other way around.  I had been hoping to understand the motive of the murderer, but learned nothing more except Stella Bingham was very faithful to the series.   The only problem I have is that she states they were retired colonial people who’d been stationed out east.   Having seen now three Charters & Caldicott movies, there’s no evidence of this in any of them.   They live in England, watch cricket and sometimes travel and stumble onto criminal enterprises.   That third movie was Crook’s Tour a B-movie at best, in which C & C travel from Saudi Arabia to Iraq to Hungary at first simply on their way home, but later mistaken for spies.   Crook’s Tour was made in 1941 and starred C & C.   Caldicott falls for a dancing girl they refer to as La Thingummy.  

crookstour2 lathingummy

The movie is painfully bad at moments and yet, retains some charm.   Overall, however, Charters and Caldicott work better as the comic relief in a suspense movie than they do as the main characters.   Basil Radford and Naunton Wayne continued to play these characters or ones just like them with different names for the rest of the 40s, though I doubt I will seek out any more of them.    I’ve finished the book (I had about 40 pages left) and do not think there will be a C & C Part 3, amusing though it all was.


I have also started The Man in Lower Ten by Mary Roberts Rinehart.  I’d previously only heard of The Bat and The Circular Staircase, but read an Edwardian blog entry that expressed a desire – if they could encounter Rinehart for the first time again, they would like to start with this book.  Since it’s free and I am encountering MRR for the first time, I’m taking the Edwardian’s advice and starting here.   It’s off to a good start with a great deal of confusion about who should be in which berth on the train, where did all Blakely’s belongings get to, whose belongings was he left with and who murdered the man in lower ten?  

That’s it for Monday Day 1 of Bout of Books.   




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