Dead Man’s Folly – RIP IX Book 3

Though actually I finished this weeks ago, before Supernatural Enhancements.  I have been on a Christie rampage again.  And I read this one because I’d accidentally rented the dvd and for some reason I have to read them before watching.   Can’t be bothered to read them after seeing them.   So, Dead Man’s Folly’s a Poirot and Ariadne Oliver mystery.   Ariadne Oliver has been hired to create a murder hunt for a garden fete, but Mrs. Oliver feels there’s something wrong in the house.   She asks Poirot to come along and help figure it out, but before anything can be figured, the fake victim of the murder hunt turns into a real murder victim.  But why?  Who would want to kill the teenage girl?   There seems to be no reason for this killing.  Despite the hundreds of guests at the fete, owing to the arrangements of the murder hunt only six or so people could have done it (in time-honored Christie tradition.)


I don’t have much to say about it.   It’s not one of her most brilliant, but I didn’t figure it out.   Although in my time-honored fashion I did pick up on one of the clues, but didn’t follow it through mentally-speaking.    The version I watched was the Peter Ustinov with Jean Stapleton as Ariadne Oliver, turned American for the occasion.   It, too, was not bad, but not brilliant.   I’m getting used to Peter Ustinov.   He’s no David Suchet, but then he’s not without a certain charm of his own.   Perhaps if I’d never seen Suchet, I’d even buy him as Poirot…   no, probably not.   But if I don’t take the whole operation seriously, I can enjoy Ustinov’s Poirot.   Sorry this isn’t much of a review, more of a record of the fact I read it.   But then, that’s mainly what the blog’s for, innit?


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