Le Morte d’Arthur Readalong

So, back and forth, forth and back, should I or shouldn’t I?  I’ve hemmed and I’ve hawed.  I’ve long wanted to read Morte d”Arthur.   And readalongs give one the most inspiration in these post-school days.   But good heavens, it’s 1100 pages!   I could read three or four other books in the same time.   It does fulfill the Arthurian challenge, but so would plenty of other things.  And I rather think it will be like Ulysses and Moby Dick, not finished until long after the end, if ever.    It is 1100 pages!    Eleven.  Hundred.  Pages.   And yet, I started it this evening.   So, in for a chapter, in for 1100 pages.    I think.   Thanks to Jean at Howling Frog for hosting!



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