The Challenge of Challenges

With two months left in the year, I’m trying to figure out if I can finish all the challenges I signed up for.   I believe, after careful consideration, there is a small chance.   If I hadn’t done R.I.P.  or the Morte D’Arthur Readalong the chance would be much better.   One particular problem is finding a good Historical Fiction classic I want to read.   I had originally thought of Twenty Years After, the sequel to The Three Musketeers, but it’s almost 800 pages.   Is Morte D’Arthur historical fiction?   I’m thinking that the historical part is not so much.  And sadly Seven Gables was not set sufficiently far in the past.   Hawthorne’s past, that is.

I had thought the TBR challenge was a complete washout when I realized I had been ignoring all the mysteries I’ve read this year that I owned before 1/1/14.   Quite a few actually:

Mrs. McGinty’s Dead!

A Murder is Announced

Crooked House

Green for Danger

Dead Man’s Folly

There is a Tide


The Case is Closed


Unexpected Night

That’s 9 and I had two previously listed so I only need one more.

Have been hammering away at Morte D’Arthur.   Actually, it just feels like hammering.   I can’t read more than 10-15 pages of the darned thing.   It’s very repetitive:  one knight sees another, they feutre their spears, they brast their spears and shields, they lightly avoid their horses and then pound away with their swords for a few hours.   Finally, one of them gives up, dies or they have a chat.   Half the time they figure out they shouldn’t have been fighting in the first place.    Is this why gang signs were invented?    Even though there are members of the Round Table, it doesn’t really seem to stop them from fighting all the time with everyone.   Then they have a party in which they all joust.   Thank God, we invented television.   Occasionally something different happens and I get excited enough to read 20 pages, but this is seldom.  Still, I’m working at it.   Falling further behind every day…


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