Rankings, Minithon and Mort Report

I was trying to figure out how to log on to my blog at another computer and a search revealed my Alexa rating – my global ranking is 22,350,244.   When I’m rich and famous, I’ll try to remember all you little people who got me there.  Up, up, up the ziggurat, lickety-split.   I have no idea if this is out of 22,350,244 sites or a billion or what.   I was just surprised to find I have a rank.  I’m also pretty sure all the people I visit and who visit me are higher up the rankings, so perhaps I should put a lid on any ‘little people’ comments.  Thank you, dear readers, both of you, for making this possible!

MiniThon No Date

Reading the Bricks is hosting a minithon for the lazy.  I am highly qualified for this mini-thon, I might even be over-qualified, but I’m hoping they won’t kick me out because of that.   This Saturday, the plan is to eat mini-foods, read mini-books, and…  well, that’s it really.   Only 8 hours instead of 24, so totally doable.

And then there’s Mort.   Ah, Mort.  I keep wanting to throw in the towel.  I was supposed to report days ago on the second section which is supposed to be books VII – X, I think.   I believe I’ve now made it to IX.   Sir Tristram turns out to be (so far, anyway) quite the jerk himself.   Telling La Beale Isoud he loved her forever, handing her to his uncle Mark, and marrying the very next Isoud he meets.   Oh, but he doesn’t consumate the marriage, so that’s supposed to somehow make it all right instead of being even jerkier, which is how I see it.   Isoud de Beaux Mains can’t have a real husband because she’s married to Tristram who only kisses her because he actually loves someone else.   How much would that suck?   I forget all the other jerky things he did.   That’s the problem with this book.   It’s sooo repetitive and sooo long that even though I read it within the last few weeks, I don’t remember what Tristram did.    I should probably write about it more often, but then, who would want to read this?   It’s just like Rimmer giving the turn-by-turn description of his game of Risk, but instead of rolling a 2 and a 6, Sir La Cote Male Taile feutres his spear and knocks someone to the ground.   I did acquire, however, the illustrations Aubrey Beardsley did for Mort in 1892 or so.   All the illustrations are by themselves in a big book.   Might have been nicer to have the illustrations with the work, but this was cheap.   It is gorgeous.   I’ve hardly looked at it, so maybe if I do that a bit more it will inspire me to carry on.   After all, I’m almost halfway through this sucker.   Surely I’ve come too far to quit now?



5 thoughts on “Rankings, Minithon and Mort Report”

  1. I don’t want to discourage you, but book X is like a book. I mean a whole, complete book. It is soooo long! It is alternately hilarious and boring, depending on where you are in it. I’m in book XI now, thankfully, and feel like I can see the home stretch. Keep plugging away. I think it will be worth it, and I’m almost at the point I can say that I might read this book again someday ……. but not for a looong time.

    Ha! I didn’t even know there were such rankings. I looked myself up and I rank 20,707,850. I guess I have a ways to go to make it to #1. I won’t hold my breath. 😉

    1. Thanks to both of you for cheering me on even while I’m miles behind you! Can’t imagine reading this again. Cleo, perhaps you should have a nice rest with a cold compress on your head. It’s good to hear there are some hilarious bits amidst the boredom. Strangely though I’m not exactly bored with Mort, despite the repetitiveness there’s still something sort of lively about it. Perhaps it’s because just when you think you know what’s going to happen, Sir Palomides rides through and knocks Tristam off his horse. With, I imagine, a Nelson from the Simpsons style “ha, ha!”

      1. LOL! One of my faves is Sir Bruce Sans Pitié …….. that dastardly knight turns up all over the place and either wins the fight, or runs away when he’s about to be beaten. He’s hilarious …… although I’m not sure that he’s mean to be. My greatest fear is that he’s going to be unhorsed then smote and his head struck off. That would be a shame.

        I’m actually going to be sad when it’s all over.

      2. Clearly making it through Book X deranges one’s wits! At least Sir Bruce isn’t supposed to be a hero. Sir Tristram carrying the shield for Morgan — he’s such a… well, I’m too polite at the moment to say it, but I’ve got a slew of epithets for him.

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