I even got up early to post so I would miss as little as possible.  Okay, that’s not why.  I got a phone call and it didn’t seem worth going back to bed.  But I was unable to keep this eight hour span free, so I’ll leave at some point and maybe try to make up for it afterward.  I bought a pile of mini junk food I can’t show you because my camera cable has wandered off, but it includes mini M&Ms, mini Triscuits and mini Pretzels coated in Butterfinger candy.  Who knew there was so much mini junk out there?

And for the mini-reading:


The Goldfinch is a mini-bird.  A scarlet pimpernel is a mini-flower.  There is nothing mini about Morte.  Except perhaps the number of people who are reading it.  I’m part of a mini-readalong.   In a great burst of effort, I finished book IX, which is also the end of volume 1 and should count as a chunkster by itself, but alas, does not.  Apparently Book X is like a doorstop itself.   If I make it through that, the rest is cake.   I may need more coffee.


11 thoughts on “Mini-Minithon”

  1. Mini Pretzels coated in Butterfinger????

    I like how that’s what we’re all stuck on WHERE DID YOU ACQUIRE THESE

    And yeah, I was gonna be like “HOW are you justifying The Goldfinch” but then you went ahead and did it. Brava indeed.

    1. Thank you. Thank you, all. It’s a good thing too, because I can’t put it down now. And reading at a rate of 10 pages an hour, I should be done by 9 AM tomorrow

  2. A+ justifications right there, ma’am. And yes, please discuss this pretzels in Butterfinger because that needs to happen ASAP.

    More coffee is, as I have mentioned multiple times today, always the answer! I went downstairs to take puff pastries out of the oven and forgot my cup, so now there are two on my desk. /nods

    1. I could totally do that.

      The pretzels are very good and do taste like Butterfingers, though I wish they were dark chocolate. I know that’s inaccurate, but I like dark chocolate so much better.

  3. mini M&Ms are the best, they’re maybe the only time cutting a chocolate in half is actually better. And I’m going to focus on them because we don’t have Butterfingers in Australia so I can’t join in the exclamations about WHERE/HOW/GAHH. But I’m with them in spirit.

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