Where’d You Go, Bernadette?

I bought this early in the year because it got a bunch of good reviews on various blogs and it was $2.   $2 is pretty much a deal maker for me if I have any interest in the book at all.   And this one sounded fun – epistolary format: email, snail mail, articles, various short format pieces from varying points of view assembled to tell the story of 15 year old Bee and her somewhat wacky mother, Bernadette.  I don’t want to say too much, because most of the fun is piecing together their stories and finding out how they got to this point.  It is also to a lesser extent the story of Bee’s father and Bernadette’s husband Elgie, a couple of mothers of children at Bee’s school, and unintended consequences when people get too focused on one thing.   It is a fun book, improbable, but entertaining.   If you enjoy eccentric characters in unlikely situations and the found-material format doesn’t bother you, this is a very good book.  Bee’s is a fresh, but clear-eyed view of her family, most of the characters’ viewpoints are understandable and the situations that arise are absurd, but almost believable.   A fun book, but not a deep book.   Definitely refreshing after Morte Darthur and All Quiet.


Surprising when you do a search on the cover how many minor variations there are.

This is one of the books I need for the Postal challenge and for my bargain entry for lucky 14.  I don’t think I ever buy a book I know nothing about, so this is as close as it gets.

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