Unnatural Death by Dorothy L. Sayers

Unnatural Death is the third Peter Wimsey book which I began last June and stopped because…  ooh, shiny!   Other books.   This is kind of a shame as I could have counted it for the postal challenge, but there it is.  Wimsey is at dinner in the beginning and overhears a conversation about a death the doctor believes, but cannot prove is unnatural.  Wimsey takes on this challenge of a little old lady dying apparently a bit before her time and her niece and it snowballs into quite the complicated mess.   Remarkable tales of mysterious wills, near poisonings, young women on picnics with 5 pound notes, the bodies and bizarre happenings are everywhere, but it all gets sorted in the end.

I am enjoying the Lord Peter Wimsey stories just as I did when I watched them on PBS decades ago.  I love his character and his fantasy life:  well-off, unattached with a perfect servant, they do whatever he likes, whether it’s buying a rare first edition or tracking down a murderer.  Sayers has a good deal more detail and literary references than Christie, I doubt she would have told quite such an outlandish tale, but if you enjoy Lord Peter’s character, I think you’ll enjoy the series.    Figuring out the motive is not something anyone could do today, I don’t think, unless they’re an expert in early 20th century British law, but they make it perfectly clear.   It also drives me a bit bats how they handle crime scenes, but I try not to take it too seriously.


I read an ebook, so picked the most interesting cover I could find

As I was a third of the way through last year, this book doesn’t count for anything — another reason I skipped most challenges.  I have quite a few leftovers I would like to finish without rereading.


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