Once Upon a Time IX

Carl of Stainless Steel Droppings is once again hosting Once Upon a Time, not exactly a readathon or a readalong, it’s a time set aside to focus on fantasy, mythology, folklore and fairy tales.   It’s labeled a challenge, but you can read as little as one book so it’s only as challenging as you choose to make it (and despite this, I blew it last year!)   But this year I hope to make up for it.   Although I’m doing so poorly with the Begorrathon, that I am unwilling to commit.   So I’m going to sign up for the Journey – one book by June 21st   (Official dates of Spring in the northern hemisphere).   I hope I’ll do more than this, because I really like the idea, but having gotten a third of the way through 1 Irish book this month, I’m just not sure what I’ll manage.


You can also watch movies, play games, read short stories to participate.  It should be lots of fun.  Join in!


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