March Fail

I signed up for Begorrathon – reading Irish authors in March – and the Villette Readalong, which I was doing just fine with until this section and now I’m way behind.  I do intend to catch up.  Hopefully, my intentions will be more than intentions this month.  Last month I read half of one short Irish written book.  That’s right half.  Probably should have switched books, but I got more into it, finally, and I will finish it.  John Banville’s The Book of Evidence.  About a guy, supposedly a scientist, but there’s no evidence (ha!) of that in his character.  He seems to be a drifting, horrible person, with no real reason for most of the things he does.  This is based on a true story.  But since it takes place completely in the narrator’s head — he’s filling the court in, supposedly, on what happened.  Though no court would let him go on in this manner.  I do wonder if any actual criminals would identify with this character.

So, goals:

Finish Book of Evidence

Do 5th and 6th parts of Villette

Read a fantasy or two for Once Upon a Time IX

Read a Trollope.  Maybe The Way We Live Now.

And to think I didn’t sign up for all those challenges because I wanted to choose freely.  Ha!  Oh well.  I enjoy readalongs and thons.  It makes reading more friendly.