How do You Solve a Problem like M. Paul?

This is the 5th readalong post for Villette c. 27-33, only 6 days late.  Glynis and Megs both outlined the problem of M. Paul excellently, so it would be redundant at best to try to do it myself.  But then, Lucy herself has more than a little Jekyll & Hyde going on, so they are in many ways an ideal match.   She makes him a present for his fete day and then perversely refuses to give it to him.   Later when he’s rooting through her desk, her heart melts and she relents.   He is tickled pink (though I thought his questions were more because he was worried it was for Dr. John who had rejected it.)    He does have his charming side, no question, leaving her chocolates and books.   His jealousy about Dr. John rather belies his statements that he’s just a friend and she’s like a sister to him.   Really, dude?   Then why do you have a literal hissy fit when they’re having a nice chat?  Then at the picnic she tells him not to get ham or jam.   Lucy, not everybody is a Puritan.   I bet some of those people would have liked ham and jam for their rolls.

Errbody cray-cray.  Lucy finally realizes she’s cray-cray after she wants to see M. Paul and talk with him more than anything in the world except fleeing and hiding from him when he does come to her.  This has been a very short post, but that’s really all the section was.   Paul and Lucy alternating being insane at each other.   There was some boring stuff about Dr. John writing a letter.   Big whoop.   Who cares?   They ignore Lucy most of the time now, but it’s not because they’re together.   They are a very dull couple.   Or will be if they can ever get together.   And one brief scene with the nun, who is altogether too scarce in the book.

I really like Alice’s idea for the dysfunctional menage a trois.  Ginevra clearly likes Lucy a whole lot more than she likes whoever the guy is with the nice hands.  And Lucy says she doesn’t like Ginevra, but I don’t believe her.   And Paul could probably get used to Ginevra.   They could have their own tiny, totally freaky little school.  Maybe bring the nun with them.