Villette Readalong Part 6

Who’lda thunk it?  Thanks to a short reading, I caught up.   And don’t know what to say.   Am I supposed to think M. Paul’s ex is the nun?  That’s disappointing.   So’s the storyline.  It seems to be more a series of incidents than a plot.   That bizarre scene where they quizzed Lucy and she didn’t know anything.    CB seems not to know how to build up to a thing.  At no time do we get an inkling that such a test might be required.    It’s hard to feel sorry for her though, as all the time she’s revealing her ignorance she’s sneering at the French level of intelligence.     And why Paul seems to need to convert her now.  You knew she wasn’t Catholic when you promised your friendship, jerk.

Haven’t seen Ginevra in 100 pages.  Guess we’re done with her.   I might have felt the scene with Daddy Home was cute if I weren’t so generally annoyed and disappointed by everyone except the grandmother who’s a cranky-ass bitch and makes no bones about it.  Even when it seems like CB has finally made M. Paul into a good guy she turns right around and makes him a louse.   Par for the course, except that near the end, people are suppose to make progress and learn something.  And Lucy’s I must be sad and alone – except for M. Paul attitude is too messed up to deal with.  Bah.   One thing I’ll say for it — it’s about as far from a conventional romance as you can get.