Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon!

I never make it 24 hours.  If only this had existed in my misspent youth… but I read as long and as much as I can.  This year the first one is April 25th!   So head on over and sign up!   There are no rules — you just do what you can and it’s a great, friendly community.

This time there’ll also be a readalong in during the readathon:  The Yellow Wallpaper, a short Victorian classic.  I’ve signed up for this, too.


No one has to read this.   You can read whatever you like.  The whol idea is that there’s a bunch of people around the world reading during the exact same time.  So, check your time zone if your going to join!   1 PM in the UK, 5 AM – 8 AM in the continental U.S.  Oh, and snacks!   Stock up on your favorites!  Nom!