Villette – The End

And I have two words to say to Charlotte Bronte.  “Ya bastard!”  I realize Charlotte is Lucy and vice versa and Lucy can’t do anything nice without immediately pulling a one eighty and being horrible, but the final set up where she makes M. Paul give Lucy the most thoughtful gift in the world and give her a hope of happiness only to dash it all to pieces was utterly uncalled for.  I realize that if you’ve lost your whole family, you might think happiness is impossible — I had the same feeling about Hobbes – just because your best friend died does not make the whole world shit.   Do not inflict your pain on the world and call it Truth.    And you morons who like happy endings can pretend he got home just fine.  No.  I can’t.  Because you told me he didn’t.

So, I finished this last night, but too late to write about it and I agree with everyone how great Ginevra is and how if we can’t have a real ghost nun, that explanation was a hoot.  The drugged out fete was a great scene, though i don’t know why the usually observant M. Paul didn’t spot Lucy when the bookseller knew her and Ginevra knew her as she drove by in a carriage and Lucy was close enough to them to hear what they said.   It seems like Lucy got out of there just in time.  After they start drugging you, the next step is an asylum.  Not quite sure how Lucy managed to run a school when all she knows is English, but maybe she was right and the French didn’t care whether their girls learned anything.

This is not Ginevra, but it totally could be:


So, as others have also said, I’m glad I’m done reading it, but I enjoyed the heck out of this readalong and could not have plodded through some of it without you all.  Quite amazing this book has so little web presence when nearly 35K people rated it on Goodreads (which definitely makes me feel less special), but most of what I’m finding now is GIFs from readalong posts.  Thanks to Alice, the Reading Rambo, for hosting, and my fellow readers for being entertaining and insightful.  I would read almost anything with you guys, but I hope it’s The Monk next.

4 thoughts on “Villette – The End”

  1. “After they start drugging you, the next step is an asylum.”

    CLEVER TWIST: Lucy is just in a crazy opium-induced madness for the rest of her life. I’m talking Shutter Island level shenanigans.

  2. It took me a whole week to recover from the terrible ending and I consider myself healed enough to come back to your blog and comment, hahaha!

    I wanted my happy ending because Lucy’s been through crap and deserves a happily-ever-after… but NO, CB decides to kick us when we’re down and cackle, “no, no one is ever entitled to a happy ending, bwahahaha”. Let’s reading something better next time!

    1. It was extra cruel, because she deliberately sets up the happy ending before smashing it to bits and then mocks those of us who desired it. I’m all for something better,, but the great thing about this readathon group is — you all made Villette tolerable!

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