And I’m not doing well.  Last time I had bought every mini snack that would fit in a cart.  This time I have mini tater tots and pretzel nuggets with peanut butter.  Yay for a balanced diet.  I’m also late, failed to sign up and don’t know what I’m reading.   Possibly more of Pleasure by the Busload in which a group of friends travels around Portugal in a Microbus (can’t get more mini than that) in 1961.   Or there’s The Wimbledon Poisoner, because poison is a small weapon.  Or I bought the Magicians, but don’t know enough about it to justify minithoning it — can I bring it in based on the mini amount of information I have on it?  Someone said it was like Harry Potter for adults.  At any rate I’m here-ish and hope to get a mini amount of reading in.

MiniThon No Date

But mostly just read peoples’ tweets and eat pretzel nuggets.


2 thoughts on “Minithon!”

  1. “poison is a small weapon”
    Hahaha, so good! Mini tater tots sound delicious, and your mini amount of prep is in keeping with the theme 🙂

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