The Sadness that is the End of Minithon

It is now 7:04 and the Minithon is over.   It was a good minithon despite my lack of prep, I still managed to be highly distracted and get only a mini amount of reading done.  The Wimbledon Poisoner – about a sad sack English Everyman who gets fed up and decides to poison his wife – starts off well.   It is hard not to eat too many peanut butter pretzel nuggets.  And why is it hard to focus on a book while lazing in a hammock?   I don’t know, but it was very nice out until the rain came.   Read a word.  Stare at a tree.  Read another word.  Wonder why the bird calls are so raucous.  Etc.

Thanks Tika, for hosting and Glynis and Alley for stopping by.  Sadly, for mysterious reasons I can’t seem to comment on most blogs, or I’d comment on yours.  I do read them and enjoy, though.   I hope we all get together for another ‘thon soon.



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