Mr. & Mrs. North

I do keep getting a few visitors despite my appalling lack of posts.   I will try to do better and give you some reason to stop by.   At the end of June, I read the first of the Mr. and Mrs. North mysteries:  The Norths Meet Murder.   I’ve been aware of the Mr. and Mrs. North mysteries, written by Mr. and Mrs. Lockridge, since my late teens or early twenties, but never actually read one.   I was browsing in Commonwealth Books in Boston when I spied 6 of them in good condition and impulsively snapped them up.   Among them was this one in which the Norths hoping to use the vacant upstairs apartment for a party discover a body in it.   In the course of the investigation, they meet Lieutenant Weigand and hit it off with him so well he essentially tells them everything and they help solve the crime.   They are oddly on the sidelines though, the book follows Weigand and only visits the Norths part of the time.   Very odd situation for a detective novel, let alone the eponymous meeters of murder who go on to star in 25 more books.    I’ve started the second one (I like to read things in order because SOME authors stupidly spoil the plots of their stories in other stories.   Looking at you, Carr.), and the situation seems to be the same, except they’re all on vacation so there’s another cop whose case this officially is.

northsmeetmurder4 norths meet murder3 lockridgenorthsmeetmurder2 lockridge-norths-meet-murder1

Love the covers!

Pam and Jerry North are sort of a cozier Nick and Nora.   They drink a lot, host parties, go to parties, play tennis, and solve mysteries in their spare time.  They are not noir, although they do have a lonely single detective drinking in bars and wandering in the night.   It wasn’t a great mystery, but it was enjoyable enough that I bought a few more and have started the second.  I think the Norths may be with me for a while.  And I think I will use them as a Book with a Detective “Team.”  E1 on the Golden Vintage Mystery Bingo board.