Mr. & Mrs. North Continued

I guess I like the Norths, or really, Weigand.  He’s really the one investigating, the Norths just kind of assist, or sometimes get in the way.  And aside from the fact that apparently I like them well enough to have read two more, I haven’t much to say about them.    There’s some tendency to stretch things unnecessarily.  Did we need three extended descriptions of Weigand’s driving in Murder Out of Turn? I sure didn’t.   It takes place at some cabins by a lake which the Norths go to for weekends along with a bunch of other New Yorkers.   A Pinch of Poison takes place back in the city the following summer.   Despite the fact these are supposed to be set 9 months apart, they read like one follows the other much faster than that.   Weigand has apparently made no progress in his romance between the two books, but makes progress during them.

I love the old covers:


They’re not great mysteries, but they’re entertaining, and I think they play fair.    I plan to keep reading them, but not right away.   I feel like something different.   I might read Go Set a Watchman.   I certainly don’t want to read any more spoilers and that seems inevitable, doesn’t it?   I don’t care if it is only 10 pages in.   It’s still a spoiler.   I have some sympathy with the people who don’t want to spoil To Kill a Mockingbird with a lesser pre/sequel, whatever we’re calling it.   The title also bugs me.   I keep trying to finish the sentence.  But it seems like one of those things that’s got to be read and I might as well get it over with and it might even be good.   It could happen.   But I’m not optimistic.

This book covers the square A Method of Murder in the Title for Bev’s Golden Age Mystery Bingo


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