Dog Days of Summer Readathon

So, Andi and Heather who host the Dewey 24 hour readathon wanted to have a readathon they can actually read during.   And really, who can blame them?   Dewey is great, but it’s a little intense:  prizes, snacking, tweeting, snacking, activities, snacking…  it really cuts into the readings.   So I signed up for this, mellow, no prizes, just reading more during the weekend.   Hope you’re out there reading, too!

I’ll report it all in one post as I don’t think there’ll be a heckuva lot to report.   Friday, 9/18 – Started the Monk for the Monkalong.   Maybe a little early as I’ve done half the reading and it’s not due until 10/1!   So, I can’t talk about that, you’ll have to wait.

I also read a bit of Wylder’s Hand, Le Fanu’s forgotten classic.   It was getting nicely creepy with a possible ghost who might not be a ghost when it got creepy in the men behaving disgustingly kind of way.   Rachel’s brother, skank #1 apparently tried to blackmail skank #2 who outmaneuvered him and now Rachel has to spend the weekend with skank #2.   I can’t decide which of them is worse.   Both appalling human beings whom I hope get tossed in a tarn by the end.  The book is weird in that it starts with a narrator and then switches to third person omniscient for scenes with Rachel and her brother.   Strange and not a good device.   I don’t mind changing viewpoints, but they should all be limited or not at all, I think.

Thirdly, I picked up Hillary Mantel’s A Place of Greater Safety and read the beginning.   I should not be doing this.  I’m in the middle of 12 things and the last thing I need is to be in the middle of another 700 page book.   More news as the weekend goes by.

Meanwhile, enjoy this stolen picture of a cute doggie:


The Quick RIP Readalong

How’s your R.I.P. event going?  Mine’s off to a slow start.   I’ve barely read any of Wylder’s Hand which is both a creepy Sheridan Le Fanu novel and a forgotten classic for the BooksandChocolate classic challenge, but I’m making so little headway that it may well be rediscovered before I finish it.    So far it’s entertaining, but I’ve only read about 5 chapters and they’re very short chapters.   I was hoping to finish it before the Monkalong and before this readaalong


But unless I read a heckuva lot in the next week, that won’t happen.    Nonetheless I will join in this and we shall see if this is ‘impossible to resist.’

Also another readathon, this one low key – no prizes, no hullaballoo, just reading over a weekend.   Sounds nice.


The Monk Readalong

Reading-Rambo is hosting a readalong – which is always good, but this is especially good because it’s The Monk by Matthew “Monk” Lewis.   I read it ages ago during my misspent youth and I loved it, but I’m not sure if that’s because it’s worth loving or because it’s just sooo much better than The Mysteries of Udolpho.  (I told you I misspent my youth.)  I love readalongs in general and ones hosted by Alice especially because of the books we read and the highly amusing posts of Alice and her fellow bloggers which tend to be written with flair, charm and insouciance.   Alice says The Monk is not very good and I shall be disappointed if she is right, but I must find out.  Plus it fits in perfectly with RIP X.


I may have overloaded myself with 19th century novels, which in theory I love, but in practice tend to be very long and take up far more time than a single book ought to.   I have this year begun Trollope’s The Way We Live Now, Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend and Sheridan Le Fanu’s Wylder’s Hand.  And I think there’s one I’m forgetting.   Now it would be fabulous of me to finish all this, but I do keep seeing …   oh, squirrel!

So, you see, a readalong is just the ticket and I hope to actually finish The Monk.  Thank you, Alice!   And everyone else joining in!   I hope it is much fun!