The Monk Readalong

Reading-Rambo is hosting a readalong – which is always good, but this is especially good because it’s The Monk by Matthew “Monk” Lewis.   I read it ages ago during my misspent youth and I loved it, but I’m not sure if that’s because it’s worth loving or because it’s just sooo much better than The Mysteries of Udolpho.  (I told you I misspent my youth.)  I love readalongs in general and ones hosted by Alice especially because of the books we read and the highly amusing posts of Alice and her fellow bloggers which tend to be written with flair, charm and insouciance.   Alice says The Monk is not very good and I shall be disappointed if she is right, but I must find out.  Plus it fits in perfectly with RIP X.


I may have overloaded myself with 19th century novels, which in theory I love, but in practice tend to be very long and take up far more time than a single book ought to.   I have this year begun Trollope’s The Way We Live Now, Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend and Sheridan Le Fanu’s Wylder’s Hand.  And I think there’s one I’m forgetting.   Now it would be fabulous of me to finish all this, but I do keep seeing …   oh, squirrel!

So, you see, a readalong is just the ticket and I hope to actually finish The Monk.  Thank you, Alice!   And everyone else joining in!   I hope it is much fun!


6 thoughts on “The Monk Readalong”

    1. I thought the same. Haven’t started the re–read yet. I was trying to get through Wylder’s Hand first, but I think I’ll have to switch to The Monk this weekend.

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