Dog Days of Summer Readathon

So, Andi and Heather who host the Dewey 24 hour readathon wanted to have a readathon they can actually read during.   And really, who can blame them?   Dewey is great, but it’s a little intense:  prizes, snacking, tweeting, snacking, activities, snacking…  it really cuts into the readings.   So I signed up for this, mellow, no prizes, just reading more during the weekend.   Hope you’re out there reading, too!

I’ll report it all in one post as I don’t think there’ll be a heckuva lot to report.   Friday, 9/18 – Started the Monk for the Monkalong.   Maybe a little early as I’ve done half the reading and it’s not due until 10/1!   So, I can’t talk about that, you’ll have to wait.

I also read a bit of Wylder’s Hand, Le Fanu’s forgotten classic.   It was getting nicely creepy with a possible ghost who might not be a ghost when it got creepy in the men behaving disgustingly kind of way.   Rachel’s brother, skank #1 apparently tried to blackmail skank #2 who outmaneuvered him and now Rachel has to spend the weekend with skank #2.   I can’t decide which of them is worse.   Both appalling human beings whom I hope get tossed in a tarn by the end.  The book is weird in that it starts with a narrator and then switches to third person omniscient for scenes with Rachel and her brother.   Strange and not a good device.   I don’t mind changing viewpoints, but they should all be limited or not at all, I think.

Thirdly, I picked up Hillary Mantel’s A Place of Greater Safety and read the beginning.   I should not be doing this.  I’m in the middle of 12 things and the last thing I need is to be in the middle of another 700 page book.   More news as the weekend goes by.

Meanwhile, enjoy this stolen picture of a cute doggie:



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