Monkalong Part II – No I haven’t given up, I’m just slow

So now I’m 8 days behind.   I actually finished the reading Wednesday, so only six days behind, but failed to report.   Raymond is one of the most moronic characters I ever read.   Not only can he not tell his girlfriend from a 100 year old corpse, he’s always blithely optimistic despite all the things that go wrong.  Oh, I’lll just write to her aunt that hates my guts and tell all.   Stupid, stupid, stupid.   Sadly, Agnes doesn’t want a smart man and she gives way to her passion and now she’s going to have a child who might inherit his father’s brains.  Agnes think!   But then Agnes may not be too swift either.   She apparently bought the Bleeding Nun met me first, so I went off with her by mistake story.   Not that it wasn’t true, but who would believe it?   You stood me up because you were met by the Bleeding Nun and she sapped your life force and you kissed her how many times??   Surely, Raymond, after all this time you could have come up with a better story than that.  Ah, okay, you were saved by the Wandering Jew.   Naturally.   That makes it much more believable.


I like that flying critter to the left

The Bleeding Nun herself is fairly creepy.  Sadly, Raymond learns nothing from his ordeal.   And then we’re back to Lorenzo hitting on Antonia, though we know from the dream and the gypsy this is going to go badly.   I will try to read the next section with more dispatch.   The next two sections so that I catch up and can celebrate with all and read their posts instead of avoiding them for fear of spoilers.

I totally forgot all the kidnapping.   When in doubt, Raymond kidnaps someone.   He’s with his girlfriend, planning her escape, when they are caught by her governess or something.   I don’t know exactly what Dame Cunegonda’s role is, except comic relief as she gets plastered on cherry brandy while tied up in a closet.   Raymond, why didn’t you take your girlfriend and hide her secretly?  Much easier.   Idiot.


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