Monkalong III – Catching Up

Now I’m only 4 days behind in my Monk reading!   Go, me!   Trying to remember what the heck happened even though it was probably the shortest section.  So I’ll read some of the others’ posts and comment on them.  You can find them here:


Good call on the smartphone.

Mostly agree on Elvira — a fine woman, a good parent and yet, Antonia is not ready for the things she’s already facing.  I’d say a little less tact might have been helpful.

I actually AM reading the poems in the sense that I make my eyes run across every line of text.  They don’t really make it into my brain.

Very odd Lewis’ attitude to superstition.  Sneering about it and then invoking ghosts and bleeding nuns.

The rewritten Bible.  Maybe not so long, edited it’s probably only 50 pages of

The length of the one curtain will be twenty-eight cubits, and the width will be four cubits for the one curtain; one measure will be for all the curtains. Five curtains will be joined to one another,[a] and five curtains joined to one another.[b] And you will make loops of blue on the edge of the one curtain, at the end in the set; and you will do so on the edge of the end curtain in the second set…

Chris – yes, that linnet bit was bizarre.   What other weird fantasies do you have, Mr. Lewis?  Nevermind.  I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

Poor Antonia – if she didn’t have bad luck, she’d have no luck at all.

And Ambrosio – gets worse with almost every sentence.   Glimmers of humanity snuffed out under the inundation of his desire for the Next Woman.   Think Ambrosio – you’ll get tired of her in a week, too.   Just leave the convent, dude.   And go far, far away.

Glynis – good call on shenanigans re:  Monk’s innocence when he’s heard all of Madrid’s confessions.   And I think some of those noble ladies would have found a way to proposition him, too.   Since they’re so randy cuz of the heat.

Matilda — is a horrible, horrible, person.   So’s Ambrosio, but he’s a weak follower type.   Matilda is clearly the leader and going to doom them all including herself to a terrible and probably short life.


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