RIP X – Belated Entry

This entry is belated not because I didn’t read it in time, but because I never got around to writing about it.  Three weeks or so ago I finished Alan Melville’s Quick Curtain.   I read a review of it somewhere and it sounded right up my alley – a huge West End musical sort of Busby Berkeley type production is interrupted by the shooting death of its star on opening night.   It seems obvious who did it, but Inspector Wilson of Scotland Yard believes otherwise and with his reporter son they duly investigate.   If you love witty, breezy, insouciant dialogue this book may be for you.   If you love a good mystery, especially full of cunning twists and excellent clueing this book is not for you.   Or me.   I loved the theater atmosphere, the 30s setting, the banter between father and son.   I even liked the way the first 50 pages or so are almost pure description – witty, insouciant description, but description nonetheless.   This is a fun read, but not a good mystery.   At the end it’s sort of like the author said oh, hang it and gave up entirely – so if that sort of disappointment will spoil it, steer clear.  Others think differently and enjoy the end.  We all enjoyed the light breeziness of the novel and I wish I could find it to find a few quotes, but oh, well.   I did buy another of his because I enjoyed it that much.  That should tell you something.


I, of course, did not read this one, but the new British Library Crime Classics edition.   Beautiful books.    Looking forward to reading others.

So, for RIP I did read 4 books.   Not bad.   Meant to throw in a short story and a movie or two, but there it is.   I love this event and hope it happens again next year!   Thanks to Carl and Heather and Andi for creating and hosting!

Book the First complete
Peril the First complete


Also using this for the Golden Age Mystery Bingo – it is definitely set in the Entertainment world.