Out with the Old Year, in with the New

Happy New Year, everyone!

I’ve called this blog post to serve as both a wrap-up for the old year and a launch of the new.   It wasn’t much of a year, reading-wise.  Only 40 books, which in the blog world is pathetic.   I was going to not do so many challenges, which I didn’t, but what I accomplished instead is, well, not much.   Whether because of this or because I’m excited by the challenges I’m seeing I’m going back to more challenges.

But first, Old Business:

I actually did finish enough books for a Bingo in Bev’s Golden Age Vintage Mystery Bingo 2015 – last night I finished The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club having chosen it from reading the first lines of 4 books on my TBR.  However, I didn’t finish it early enough to write about it.   It was my 40th book for the year and an enjoyable read.   I love Lord Peter’s character and the time they’re set and it was a good story.   Old man is found dead in his chair at the Bellona club.   Rigor seems strangely advanced, but that doesn’t seem to be important until it turns out a lot of money rests on when exactly he died.  Lord Peter is brought in to investigate.  This is the 5th Lord Peter Wimsey book and probably the best so far.   (Though I skipped the stories, so perhaps I should say best novel so far.)   I’d like to thank Bev for hosting.   It’s a fun challenge trying to find books that fit the categories.   I meant to do more, but it took me from my first book to my last to make a bingo!

They were:

Color in the title:  A Study in Scarlet

TBR First Lines:  Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club

Book Set in the Entertainment World:  Quick Curtain

Country House Murder:  Speedy Death

Book with a Detective Team – The Norths Meet Murder

Method of Murder in the Title:  A Pinch of Poison


New Business:

Going to try to keep up with Heavenali’s Woolfalong.  Haven’t read her in decades and never did read the biggies.  I was going to go in order originally.   Now I’ll try to do the Woolfalong order.

The Greek challenge and the Classics challenge I already posted about.

Then I came across Alice’s post about a readalong of a Hamilton bio.  Where does this fit in all my plans?  Nowhere.  But it’s a readalong, you see.  A weakness of mine and hers are always fun, so I will plunge into that and try to keep up though I’m even slower reading non-fiction than fiction.  So, I guess I better get the lead out and start reading.

Wishing everyone a great year!