The Mirror Crack’d

Ha!   You were thinking maybe Hamalong III?  No, you’re onto me now.   There’s no fooling you.   I have had a sort of 4 year project to read most of the Agatha Christies.   I skipped a few that I remembered too well, but that was not many.   And I didn’t know until I was a few chapters in that this was one of them.  I won’t, of course, give it away, but it makes a big difference reading a book where you know whodunnit.   Only moderately interesting to see how Christie misleads and doesn’t.  She also had quite a bit of fun with Miss Marple suffering the annoying caretaker Miss Knight.  Miss Marple probably could have solved it in half the time if she weren’t spending so much ingenuity trying to escape the attentions of her diligent, irritating nursemaid.   It’s so hard to judge whether a mystery is good if you know the ending, but I think it is.  (I think the ending stayed with me because it was based on real life.)  It is too recent (1962) to be part of the Golden Age Scavenger hunt.

I’m pretty sure I saw the movie when it came out, or maybe on TV later.   Probably unfair to say without reviewing that I don’t think it was very good.   Star-studded, with Elizabeth Taylor as Marina, it should have been good, but somehow I don’t think it was.   I should watch it again though to be sure.


Angela Lansbury was never my idea of Miss Marple.   I haven’t really liked any of the ones I’ve seen.  It’s a shame since they did such a nice job otherwise with all the Joan Hickson ones, but she was the furthest from my idea of Miss Marple of any of them.   She’s supposed to seem smart I suppose, but she just seems to stare a lot.   In this book, there are a couple incidents in which Miss Marple demonstrates pluck and humor and she does twinkle occasionally, but not nearly as much as Miss McEwan.   Not sure I’ve ever seen Helen Hayes’ portrayal, maybe I should look for one of those.


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