Hamalong VII

What is this?  Can it be??  A Hamalong post not only on the day it’s due, but in the morning!  Zowie!  I can hear you say.  Is this the end of the world?   Probably not.  But just in case, treat yourself to something nice today.

This section was shorter and sadder.  Hamilton has lost the respect of many, many people.  After his tell-all pamphlet about his affair, he writes a tell-all pamphlet about President Adams.   What he thought he’d accomplish, I’m not sure.  His former ratio of 90% good ideas now seems to be down to 10%.   He is still trying to manipulate elections, but with little effect.  He had fantasies of using the Army to conquer the rest of North America.  Still ahead of his time, he can’t convince anyone this is a good idea.  Adams refuses to promote him when Washington dies and also manages to make peace with France so the Army is disbanded.   Hamilton goes back to lawyering and builds his family a beautiful, but expensive house.



He gets into gardening, which seems like a good idea.  His son dies in a stupid duel, brought on by his behaving like a jackass, but the family is devastated.   Trying to find the quotes I highlighted, I find quotes I did not highlight.  This is extremely annoying.   There was a funny one about Hamilton being as unfit for gardening as Jefferson is for President.   And then there was one — soooo appropriate right now about how the Republicans said Adams shouldn’t appoint justices, but wait for them to be in office.   Adams said to hell with that and appointed away.  200+ years and nothing changes.

Oh, I think it was in this section Burr proves himself a horrible human being by starting a fake water company and supplying a bank.   He also delivered New York for the Republicans.   That was just politics, though his politics seem to be about nothing except getting himself elected.   He’s not intelligent enough to make friends with Jefferson, doesn’t even seem to try.   So the minute they’re elected Jefferson ignores him and all he’s got is a fancy title and zero friends on either side.

As I said, a depressing read.   Horrible to say that Hamilton is passed his useful life politically.   How such a brilliant beginning turns into this font of bad ideas is inexplicable and sad.  If only he’d learned at some point to sometimes listen to other people and that honor is all in how you behave and you can’t worry about what people think about you too much, because they’re going to think whatever they want whether it’s true or not.

Oh, and I’ll just add my favorite quote which I forgot from Ham VI during the brou-ha-ha about the Jay treaty and how horrible it and he were.

Written on a wall: “Damn John Jay.  Damn everyone that won’t damn John Jay.   Damn everyone that won’t put up lights in the windows and sit up all night damning John Jay.”






One thought on “Hamalong VII”

  1. Summary of this section: Burr is awful and Hamilton really loses his grip on reality and what is smart for him to do.

    I loved the quip about Jefferson and gardening, too. 🙂

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